About Us


As we all know, there are thousands of hair extensions and wigs on the market, but many buyers still always complain that the quality of the products they bought is not want they want. What’s more, the products they get also have the problems like tangling, shedding and the difference of the product they received and the online picture showed, etc. Although some products looks very alike, their prices and quality are quite different. Even if you try to pay more to get better products, you can only rely on luck to get value for money. This terrible shopping experience wastes your money and even if you can return the goods it will waste your precious time, and it also hurts your mood. Have you ever been bothered by such troubles?

Why can we solve these problems?

We, SAKURA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED was founded in 2006, initially as a quality control company set up specifically for our Japanese OEM wig customers. We only focused on developing, producing, and trading of Japanese market, and we satisfied the stringent demand of Japanese consumers for quality. Since 2009, we established friendly trade relations with Korean companies and began selling African-American wigs and European hair extensions. The main sales markets include The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Africa, and other countries and regions. After years of production, raw material purchase, wholesale, and trade, our company the Sakura launched the humanhair.com and started to sell online.

Therefore, we are very professional in wigs and hair extensions. Besides, human hair processing and purchasing channels are our core competitiveness and advantages too! Based on the strength accumulation of channel resources and quality control over the years, we can manufacture for you or find the best products from thousands of suppliers worldwide.

How do we solve these confusing problems?

We guarantee that all products sold on our humanhair.com are 100% human hair, and never blend with animal hair and chemical fiber. It is our most basic guarantee, and such guarantee has been early established from our raw materials resources foundation.

Hair weave products: natural virgin series, only processed by high temperature disinfection, steam styling and hair conditioner care. No other treatments are applied. It keeps the hair quality in its original state as much as possible, and at the same time, it ensures the service life long and avoid the tangling problem.

The dyeing series hair extensions are all carefully treated by our technicians with more than ten years of dyeing experience and they will not decolorize. Their color value error is small and is highly matched with European and American customers' hair colors.

Lace wigs: starting from the lace mesh, each batch of the goods has undergone strict tests of thickness, elasticity, softness, durability and corrosion resistance; the planting of human hair are all done by skillful technicians with more than 3 years experience and won't go to the following process unless passing density detection. Professional hair stylists make the design strictly in accordance with the comprehensive consideration of head divisions and beauty, in order to perfectly combine beauty and verisimilitude.

The last step is to complete the product quality inspection. Each product will be strict inspected on the hair quality, tangling, shedding, color, density, weight, hairstyle structure, etc. at different stages before packaging. After packaging is completed, we will make random inspection according to a certain proportion and make records.

To help you find suitable products conveniently and quickly, we not only classifies them conventionally, but also distinguishes them into different brands according to raw materials and price ranges. You can find the products you want by different brands; no matter which brand you choose, they are all our carefully selected and cost-effective products, and also our own brands. No matter what the price is, we promise that the qualities are all guaranteed.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the purchased hair?

We provide you with good after-sales service. If you are not satisfied with the received product, please do not use it and keep the product as it is. And you can apply for a refund within 2 weeks. If it is due to the product quality, we will provide a full refund for you, including your return freight. But at the same time, please understand that we do not offer unreasonable or exaggerated after-sales services. For example, if the goods are damaged due to your reasons, or you select the wrong goods by mistake, you shall bear the cost of returning the goods. If such "super good" services are provided, in fact, the final "cost" will be passed on to the unit price or product quality, which is equivalent to letting other consumers share these "costs", which is unfair to them. We will try our best to do a good job in quality control and service. It's our goal to make you not want to return or return less.

Meanwhile we will be happy to help you solve various problems in using the products. It is also our important work. We welcome you come to visit our website and purchase our products.